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CozyCup USB Mug Warmer

CozyCup USB Mug Warmer

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🫖 Waterproof Design

🫖 USB-Powered and Portable

🫖 Automatic On/Off


CozyCup USB Mug Warmer

Regular price $29.99
Sale price $29.99 Regular price $49.99
SAVE 40% Sold out

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Your Coffee at Your Pace

Remember that delightful instant when you settle into your desk, prepared to immerse yourself in work? The air is infused with the rich scent of freshly brewed coffee, casting a nearly magical ambiance of tranquility and concentration. ☕️ Your desk is set, the computer hums to life, and behold – your favorite cup of freshly brewed coffee awaits. A flawless beginning to the workday, wouldn't you agree? Keep that wonderful feeling ALL DAY LONG with the CozyCup Mug Warmer!

Remove Interruptions

Sidestep unwelcome interruptions to reheat your drink and sustain your energy levels consistently throughout the day. No more hurriedly gulping down your coffee – now you can savor it at your own pace, steering clear of energy slumps and fostering a more productive, balanced workday. Cease settling for compromised coffee moments and drink at your pace with the CozyCup.

Travel-Ready: USB Mug Warmer Pad

Experience unparalleled convenience with our portable cup warmer heating pad, ingeniously designed to be effortlessly powered through any USB port. This versatile and travel-friendly solution ensures that you can enjoy the warmth of your favorite beverages wherever life takes you. Whether you're on a journey or simply navigating a busy day, let our cup warmer heating pad be your reliable companion, adding a touch of coziness to every moment.

Warmth on Demand

Indulge in the luxury of a consistently warm beverage with our 131°F or 55℃ intelligent USB cup warmer heating pad. Designed to maintain your drink at the perfect temperature, this innovative gadget promises you the delightful experience of enjoying a cozy, warm sip whenever the mood strikes. Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks and embrace the convenience of an ever-ready, comforting beverage, making your moments of relaxation or productivity even more enjoyable. Upgrade your beverage routine with the reliability and warmth provided by our intelligent USB cup warmer heating pad, ensuring your favorite drink is just the right temperature whenever you choose to savor it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

1 - CozyCup USB Mug Warmer

2 - Gift Box

1 Mug+1 Heating Pad+1 Spoon

Can any mug be used with the CozyCup Mug Warmer?

It is recommended to use a flat-bottomed non-double-layer cup or mug.

How does the CozyCup Mug Warmer work?

The USB Cup Warmer operates by using a USB port to power the heating pad, ensuring your beverage stays warm, while using a gravity sensor to detect the mug.

Is the CozyCup Mug Warmer suitable for use in the office?

Absolutely! The CozyCup is an excellent addition to your office setup, ensuring your beverage stays warm while you work.

What is the size of the CozyCup Mug Warmer?

  • 16x12x2cm
  • 6.3x4.72x0.79inch

How do I clean the CozyCup Mug Warmer?

The USB Mug Warmer is easy to clean; simply unplug it and wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Ensure it is completely dry before use.

Can I adjust the temperature of the CozyCup Mug Warmer?

The CozyCup USB Warmer maintains a constant temperature of 55°F, providing a consistently warm environment for your drinks.

How long does it take for the CozyCup Mug Warmer to heat up?

The USB Mug Warmer heats up quickly, allowing you to enjoy your beverage at the desired temperature within minutes.

Can I leave the CozyCup Mug Warmer plugged in all the time?

It's recommended to unplug the USB Mug Warmer when not in use to conserve energy and ensure its longevity.

Can I use the CozyCup Mug Warmer with beverages other than coffee or tea?

Certainly! The CozyCup Mug Warmer is versatile and suitable for various beverages, including hot chocolate, milk, and more.

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