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WebSpinner™ Spider Web Launcher

WebSpinner™ Spider Web Launcher

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🕷️ Great for ages 4 and up!

🕷️ Gift for Any Occasion!

🕷️ Hours of Fun!


WebSpinner™ Spider Web Launcher

Regular price $24.99
Sale price $24.99 Regular price $59.99
SAVE 58% Sold out

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Rapid Fire Shooting

The WebSpinner™ boasts a remarkable rapid-fire mechanism, allowing users to shoot multiple sticky webs in quick succession. Experience the thrill of shooting out webs in a flash, creating an enthralling web-slinging experience.

Durable and Lightweight Design

Crafted with durable, lightweight materials, the WebSpinner™ is designed for long-lasting play. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling for extended periods, enabling adventurers to swing, shoot, and play without fatigue.

This toy employs a non-toxic suction cup web shooter that is safe for use by children and adults alike.

Endless Creative Scenarios

Encouraging imaginative play, this toy inspires a world of creative scenarios. From role-playing as a superhero to creating captivating challenges, the WebSpinner™ stimulates imaginative adventures, making it an exciting and engaging playtime accessory for kids and the young at heart.

How it works

The WebSpinner™, equipped with a mechanism that is incredibly easy to use, making it an ideal addition to any playtime adventure. Its innovative design uses suction cups, providing safe and mess-free play. Load the suction cups into the WebSpinner™, aim, and press the button to effortlessly shoot them out. Its user-friendly operation ensures that even young adventurers can quickly master the art of precise target hitting. The adjustable shooting range allows for customized play, indoors or outdoors. With no complex setup or intricate instructions needed, just load, aim, and shoot for instant and safe suction-cup fun. This toy provides hassle-free entertainment, stimulating imagination and creative play at the push of a button.

  • ★★★★★


    Exceeded my Expectations

    My nephew loves spider man right now and this was the perfect gift for him! He is almost 3 and loves it!

    Kelly Menser

  • ★★★★★


    My Boys Love it

    I bought these for my 3 boys and they are efficient and effective. Fun idea and good price for product. They love them!


  • ★★★★★


    Hours of Fun

    This a great gift for any small child that loves superheroes specifically spider man. Great build quality. Easy to use and set-up. Safe to use indoors and outdoor . Hours of fun with this toy. Kids will love this, great value.

    Hollie Hayes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

1 - Web Launcher
1 - Three Suction Cup Darts
1 - Rope (If chosen)

Is the toy suitable for indoor and outdoor play?

Yes, the WebSpinner™ is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, providing endless entertainment in various settings.

How durable is the toy?

Crafted with durable materials, the toy is built to withstand regular play. However, it's recommended to handle it with care to ensure its longevity.

Does it require batteries?

No, the WebSpinner™ doesn't require batteries. It operates purely based on its mechanism, making it hassle-free and always ready for action.

Is assembly required?

Minimal assembly is needed, and it's easy to set up.

Are the suction cups reusable?

Yes, the suction cups are designed for reusability. They can be easily retrieved and used multiple times, providing extended play.

Can the suction cups stick to all surfaces?

The suction cups work best on smooth, non-porous surfaces like glass, plastic, or metal. They may not adhere well to rough or textured surfaces.

Is the shooting mechanism easy for kids to operate?

Yes, the shooting mechanism is simple and user-friendly, suitable for children to use. It only requires loading the suction cups and pressing the button to shoot.

Are replacement suction cups available for purchase?

Yes, additional suction cups are available for purchase separately. This enables continuous play and ensures you never run out of ammo for your WebSpinner™ fun.

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